A Book That Takes Place in a Destination You’d Like to Visit

For the first book in the Ticket to Read challenge, I’ve selected a book that takes place in a destination I’d like to visit: The Mistresses of Cliveden: Three Centuries of Scandal, Power, and Intrigue in an English Stately Home
As a fan of Downton Abbey, The Crown, and similar Netflix series, and as one who loves a good biographical novel, I want to visit the great houses in the United Kingdom. This book will suffice until we actually return to Europe. What’s not to like about scandalous, powerful women, and the intrigue that automatically surrounds them? Painted against a backdrop of a luxurious home which was avant-garde in terms of architectural style for its time, these stories are likely to entertain as well as inform. I’m very much looking forward to the “three centuries of misbehavior” that went on within the walls of Cliveden.