A Book From a Genre You Don’t Typically Read


Mary Jo

I don’t typically pick up a young adult novel, but after hearing so much about The Hate U Give, I had to give it a shot.

This book is the story of a teen who is drawn to activism after witnessing the police shooting that killed her friend. The book fits this atypical genre category because it’s classified as Young Adult fiction, not a category that I’m typically drawn to, however, this book can hold it’s own on any adult fiction book.

The themes are heavy, sometimes uncomfortable, and often controversial and I often times thought it was beyond most young adult comprehension. Then I watch the news or pick up a newspaper and am reminded that they face this kind of life and death issues far too often.

I think this would be a great book for a book club and lively in-depth discussions.


I don’t typically read romance novels, although I’m not opposed to a romantic theme in a novel, and picked this one up by accident. I was looking for a book that had a similar name and when I saw this one, complete with the touting of the authors, I got it.

Unless you are a fan of pulp romance novels, with their endless unimaginative sex scenes, you can learn from my mistake and pass this one up.


This romance novel is one that I intended to pick up to read a genre that I don’t typically read. Danielle Steel is one of the grand dames of romance and this is her 46th book, published about 10 years ago.

Cloning and technology is the subject of the book and it’s interesting to see how technology has changed in the last decade. We’re inching closer, but this was more of a fun romp than a portent of what is to come.