A Guidebook


From Mary Jo: 

Eventually, I will get to all 50 states. I keep a list and am a little over halfway there. I haven’t added on a new state for awhile, so I was excited about a trip to Nashville and a visit to the Grand Ole Opry. My first time in Tennessee!

Although I had some activities already on my itinerary, I was still looking for ideas about what to see and do (and eat and drink) and looked for a guidebook to take along on the trip. Nashville doesn’t get covered in a lot of the guidebooks, but I did find the 100 Things to Do series of guidebooks that seemed to cover a lot of destinations not found elsewhere.

So I ordered 100 Things to do in Nashville Before you Die and packed it along for the trip. I flipped through it on the flight, made some notes, then passed it over to Tony for his input. We used it to add ideas to our to-do list and referred to it a few times while there.

The series isn’t a comprehensive list of restaurants and hotels and museums. It’s a curated collection of recommendations in a number of categories. Lists are popular, we buy them, time to get over talking smack about them. I’d check out this series again if I was headed to a destination that wasn’t covered by other sources.